Daisy Group’s C-Sat score soars from 3/10 to 9/10

Daisy Group’s C-Sat score soar from 3/10 to 9/10

We’ve always known that the key to excellent customer experience lies in listening to and acting on customer feedback. So when we heard that our client, Daisy Group, has seen a huge rise in their C-Sat score as a result of implementing their Voice of Customer programme, we were chuffed to bits. This story really does demonstrate the power of customer feedback.

Here’s the Daisy story:

Daisy Group goes into National Customer Service Week all geared-up to build on a transformational year in its online customer ratings.

National Customer Service week

A year ago, the IT and business communications provider was rated just one star out of five by Trustpilot, and had a trust rating of less than three out of 10.

Today, those figures have soared to five out of five and 9.2 out of 10 respectively.

The Group’s reputation for customer service has undergone a complete 180° turnaround thanks to focus and commitment by its service and operations teams, led by Group Operations Director Stefni Oliver.

She said: “Everyone searches online nowadays for those telling reviews to help with their purchasing decisions. Last year, Daisy’s online reputation was disappointing – definitely not representative of our customer-first ethos. Despite our training and processes, things obviously were not working and had to change, and quick.”

Going back to the drawing board, the business introduced a Service Improvement team whose key focus is to action a Continuous Service Improvement Plan – analysing root causes to customer issues and implementing process improvements. The team also proactively contacts customers for feedback which populates the business’ Voice of the Customer programme.

Stefni added: “A key part of what my teams do is to listen to our customers, and that’s not just when they call in, but after every interaction with us. You can’t simply assume that when you hang up the phone that’s another box ticked and move on to the next. It’s important to get a feel for what happens between those calls too, and that’s exactly what our Voice of the Customer programme does.”

Daisy has also put in place call quality measurements, with a Quality Assurance team listening to calls in order to provide feedback and training where needed. All operators are tasked with achieving a minimum of 80% against this framework, and over the last 12 months 81% of all assessed calls met these standards.

“What we have found is that talking to our internal customers (our own Daisy employees) is just as important as speaking to our external customers,” said Stefni.

“Our Help Make it Better internal initiative is an employee feedback method that helps to promote the sharing of opinions and ideas for improvements from our own staff. Who better to come up with new ideas on how we can better help our customers than those to whom we are talking directly?”

During National Customer Service Week (2-6 October) Stefni and her teams will be running a number of special initiatives, from job swaps and colleague awards, to managing directors answering phones themselves.

“It’s set to be a very engaging and interactive week for our service and operations teams,” added Stefni.

“We will be refreshing minds, sharing new ideas and most importantly celebrating fantastic customer service.”


This is fantastic news – it’s why Feedback Ferret does what we do. Although we have nothing to do with Trustpilot, we’ve worked in partnership with Daisy to host their Voice of Customer programme and provide their “taking action” tool – Ferret Respond. This tool is a hot alert management system that allows clients to resolve serious issues quickly. It’s clearly been very effective and paid huge dividends.

Congratulations to everyone at Daisy who has been part of this success.

See the original press release here.


By Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director