“You Said, We Did!”

ExtraCare You Said We Did poster

A few weeks into Feedback Ferret’s pilot programme for the ExtraCare Charitable Trust, and already action is being taken on the feedback being received and the residents are being informed about plans for improving their facilities.

As an example: residents have been commenting on the grounds maintenance and the communal cleaning. Residents wanted more involvement in the procurement process to ensure their needs are being met. As a result, the management is now actively seeking residents who would like to meet with the procurement specialists. Posters have been erected and the management is looking forward to involving a number of residents in the discussions.

This initiative was sparked by customer feedback which was given within the first month of a 3 month pilot using a variety of new feedback channels; tablets, keyboard devices, online and SMS surveys, comments cards and voicemail surveys.

To date, the tablet and keyboard device have been the most popular channels – these are physically very visible within the villages and easy to use. Residents, employees and visitors are encouraged to give open-ended feedback comments together with an overall rating score.

Feedback Ferret is currently capturing this feedback in 4 of the ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s 15 Villages, analysing it and presenting the findings in regular reports to senior management. Using text analytics, the feedback is analysed to understand the key drivers of satisfaction. The management can then address positive and negative aspects of customer experience and prioritise actions that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Piers Alington, CEO of Feedback Ferret, said “We are delighted with the insight results so far and are currently working with ExtraCare to further increase response rates. We are also looking to make residents more aware of the fact that they are able to give feedback at any time, as and when the need arises rather than as a one off. ExtraCare has already done a great deal to promote the new feedback scheme in the form of posters in communal areas explaining what is being done with the comments they are receiving.”

Once the pilot project is complete, ExtraCare will have the opportunity to choose which feedback channels will be deployed for the national roll out in 15 villages over the next 12 months.