Excellence in Customer Service award

Many congratulations to our client, Jardine Motors Group, on winning an AM (Automotive Management) Award for Excellence in Customer Service based on our analysis of Jardine Motors Reviews!

The AM Awards 2017 took place last month at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. The evening was dedicated to acknowledging exemplary performance and innovation which is so fundamentally important to the automotive industry.

Jardine’s Commercial Director, Jason Cranswick collecting
the award from John O’Donnell, Managing Director of Emac

Jardine’s story:

Forty team members, randomly selected from different franchises, locations and disciplines within Jardine Motors Group, met in a room armed with marker pens and post-it notes, their aim to define a strategy that would make it the best motor dealer judged by its customers, staff and suppliers.

Using customer feedback, these employees came up with the Jardine Core Process. The aim is to inform, educate and coach, making sure each customer journey is of the same high standard, leading to happy customers and repeat business.

The team broke down the process into sections, each in a manual for easy navigation. Examples of the sections include vehicle journey, focused on total vehicle care from arrival to customer handover; the vehicle of interest journey, to deliver a professional experience offering all relevant and available products and services, so meeting any customer need; and the part-exchange journey, to make customers feel their trade-in is really valued.

An implementation team visited every site to impress on everyone the importance of consistency in customer service. They also created eight booklets and a website.

After implementation, a business improvement team continues to support and promote every employee’s online self-assessment to ensure they continue to provide the highest levels of customer service as prescribed by their customers. Any issues are handled in a friendly, timely manner, educating employees on how to improve, based on the foundation provided by the Core Process.

“The aim of 100% customer satisfaction is only possible with 100% committed and knowledgeable team members with the right tools for the job”, said business improvement manager Chris Sloan.

Consistency is monitored in multiple ways, from online feedback, reviews and customer focus groups. The results are analysed by Feedback Ferret and then made available on interactive dashboards for Jardine’s customer services team to take action.

Many congratulations to the entire team at Jardine from your colleagues at Feedback Ferret!

This article was originally published in AM Online (Automotive Management).