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Even monks take to social media

One monk’s recent experience with United Airlines made the news when, upon reaching a stalemate with the airline, the monk took the issue public out of sheer desperation.;newsID=669

The lessons learned from this one very negative experience apply to all businesses:

Avoid giving inconsistent/ conflicting information – it can give the impression you are trying to cover corporate errors and increases customer frustration.

Take ownership, do what you say you are going to do – else you risk being perceived as being untruthful.

The customer is not always right. But when the customer is right, do not make the customer work so hard to prove it – even monks take to social media and will expose your failings.

Listen to the feedback provided by your customers, else you risk your customers thinking you do not care. When customers think you do not care about them, they take their business elsewhere.

Your customers are not powerless.

Kate Handley, VP Client Services