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Delighting customers is key to Amazon success

Amazon has built 90% of its value as a company on the quality of customer communication and relationships alone. Everything they do is focused around the customer and their needs, adding value beyond any price or product offered and as a result, making the shopping experience a pure delight.

This is the thrust of an article by social media analyst James Curran in a recent Real Business newsletter. James said: “Initially, the breakthrough was in how the customers found books online. Then individuals’ recommendations made the experience on Amazon more personal. Then came the “One Click” technology, which allowed customers to input their payment card details once and purchase from the site with “one click”.

“Amazon’s shipping has been regarded as the best in the world over the years, and over time, it just keeps improving and pushing the expectations of customers further. To a point now whereby if a customer is not happy with a product, not only is it acceptable to send the item back, but Amazon will also arrange for the item to be picked up free of charge. This takes away any hassle customers may have in arranging for the item to be returned.

As Amazon proves, getting to the root cause of what customers value fosters growth and prosperity. Delivering improvements in customer experience and discovering ways to delight your customers should be at the heart of any Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy.

At Feedback Ferret, we have long believed this to be the case and have developed a complete set of tools and consultancy skills to help companies discover what delights or upsets customers. At the heart of our offering is our world leading text analysis engine which enables thorough and deep insight into comments gathered from customer feedback. Armed with this information, companies can then set about resolving those issues.

We have a robust Voice of Customer feedback programme which can be applied to any industry in any language at any time. Piers Alington, Managing Director of Feedback Ferret, completely agrees with James Curren when he states: “Conversations and constant communication are key to building trusted relationships, but more importantly, they must have context behind them. Taking an interest in a customer need takes your business to new levels, and can deliver real emotional customer loyalty.”

by Rob Holdcroft, Client Service Director at Feedback Ferret Ltd