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Data is worthless without action

In today’s digital world that we live in, much of what we do in ‘customer experience management’ is driven by data. Because of this, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by so much data that we lose sight of what we were originally trying to achieve.

What we must never forget is that ‘voice of customer’ is NOT ‘customer experience management’. While a voice of customer programme can be an extremely powerful tool in any customer experience management strategy, it’s only a component – a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Too many executives see voice of customer as something they need to do, but not something in which they need to truly invest the requisite time and resources.

take action

We see this problem time and time again when speaking with customers. Many of them already have voice of customer programmes in place; they are collecting feedback by phone, the web and are carrying out large scale market research projects too. And this all generates huge amounts of customer feedback data.

The key question here though is whether insights are being drawn from this data? And are these insights being acted upon to improve the overall customer experience?

Far too often, the answer to these questions is no.

In a world full of data, it is easy just to collect for the sake of it. It’s great to be able to tell the board and even customers that you have a voice of customer programme. But isn’t it even better to tell the board you have increased satisfaction from 60% to 80% by responding to feedback and taking action to remedy problems or issues?

The ideal situation is to collect everything, but then focus on the areas that really matter. This is exactly what we try and enable for our clients. We don’t actually give the ‘insights’, but we enable companies to find the feedback that matters and that is insightful without having to wade through thousands and thousands of data points.

Collecting customer feedback and actioning it is central to business improvement programmes, but it has to be easy to do and actually make a difference. We call our reports and action tools “Insight On  A Plate”.

insight on a plate

This sums up the Feedback Ferret approach – make it as easy as possible to see what customers are saying and highlight what areas of your business need improvement. Otherwise, voice of customer just becomes something that ticks a box, but offers very little benefit.


By Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director