Customers are for life, not just for Christmas

Normally we think about dogs in this context but have you ever thought of your customers like that?

Looking back on your business over the past 12 months, do you REALLY know your customers? Do you REALLY know WHY they purchase from you? Have you ever ASKED them?

Maybe now’s the time to start finding out. Christmas gives organisations in particular a great opportunity to make customers happy and convert prospects into new customers. Each and every one of them is a human being with individual needs, wants and desires. They each have a lifetime of purchasing experience. But how do they react to your products, services, prices, advertising and promotion? If you don’t have the mechanisms to find this out, all you can rely on is trying to outsmart the competition with yet more discounts.

Now is the time to reflect on what you can do better next year. Wouldn’t it be great if, by the time next Christmas comes around, you had all the information you need to ensure your customers enjoy a better customer experience with your business? This would ensure they became advocates of your brand and loyal, lifelong customers.

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