Customer surveys - Ask less to get more?

Customer surveys – Ask less to get more?

I am often asked how we obtain so much customer insight with only two questions on our “perfect Feedback Ferret customer survey”. Do we really have to ask less to get more?

Yes is the simple answer. Experience has shown that most companies want some form of tangible score on which their performance can be measured. Whether it is NPS or a rating of the customer’s experience, determining a score requires only one question: “How would you rate your experience today or “How likely is it that you would recommend us?”

However, it is also important to offer unsatisfied customers an opportunity for their feedback via customer surveys so that companies learn how to improve overall customer experience.
An ideal second question on the customer survey would be “Why did you give us that score?”
The answers to this follow-up question is purely for diagnostic purposes and so that corrective action can be taken; they don’t affect the score itself.

Our advice is and has always been keep the list of questions short. Adding a list of generic “satisfaction” questions is counterproductive: they not only yield little actionable insight but they also reduce response rates. Who really wants to fill out a 50 question survey?

The reason we consider a short customer survey as such a fundamental part of the customer experience process is because people are often tempted to add more questions to any survey. Longer surveys generate lower response rates, incur more costs and more energy is spent comparing and contrasting scores than is spent on improving the customer experience.

The best way to improve customer experience is to engage in dialogue with customers, listen to their comments and act on their feedback.

By Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director