Customer surveys: We’ve always done it that way!

Leap of faith

I was recently talking to a potential client who, up until now, had never even considered any other form of customer feedback surveys other than a traditional lengthy tick-box survey. Needless to say, their current feedback survey is one of those epic 75 question surveys, taking no less than 15-20 minutes to complete. Considering widespread customer fatigue with surveys like this, it is amazing that they were getting a response rate as high as 12%.

After I told them that there was an alternative which would return them a much better response rate, they listened intently. It sounded good. It seemed more customer friendly. If past experience was anything to go by, response rates would increase. And yes, it was sure to generate more qualitative feedback, which they acknowledged would give them much more actionable insight to improve their customer experience.

However, there were a couple of sticking points. They were reluctant to change the way they have always done it, because they would find it difficult to compare future performance against past performance if the method of collating feedback was changed and if the questions were changed.  They explained that various teams around the business want very specific questions included in the survey (adding more length to it). There is a belief that NOT asking their specific question would lead to a lack of insight about that particular topic.

This is not so!  If your customers have an opinion about something and it impacts their experience, they will tell you in their comments.

The key issue here is not the metrics and the scores over time – it is what you DO with any insight from customer feedback to improve your customer experience and business performance. Simply measuring the same thing repeatedly because it gives some crumb of comfort about ‘consistency’ is hardly a sound basis for improving the business.

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

BMW did just that and reduced their customer feedback survey from 35 to just 4 questions and saw response levels increase by an impressive 20%.

Once customers have tried Feedback Ferret’s innovative methods, they start trusting the text analysis to easily and quickly ferret out the insight on their topics.

We can also confidently say that not one of our current clients ever regrets trying a new method of collating customer feedback. After moving to the Ferret ‘way’ and reaping the rewards, all we hear is “why didn’t we do this sooner?”