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Customer feedback drives product development

Car seats with teddies

Do we invest in the development of new seats or not?

This was the dilemma facing one of our automotive clients this month. Their product planning team have been making some tough decisions on seats for the major redesign of one of its vehicle models. Some members of the team are pushing to use the existing seats in the new design, some are pushing to improve them. Unsure whether to invest in the development of new seats, the planning team turned to the Ferrets for help.

We delved into the data by running text analysis specifically on a question asking what improvements would change customers’ likelihood to recommend the vehicle to others. We discovered that better quality seats were the #2 item on customers’ wish lists (aside from better fuel economy, which is always #1!).

From there, we dug deeper into the comments to determine exactly what the issues were with the seats – comfort? controls? durability? is the problem the front or back seat? etc.

The feedback we analysed was from people who own this particular vehicle. Although the turnaround was tight, we were able to dig right into hundreds of thousands of comments instantly.

The client appreciated the clarity, citing it as ‘strong support for pushing hard to get new seats.’

A great case for using qualitative feedback in guiding strategic business decisions and another feather in the Ferrets’ cap!