The Importance Of Customer Advocacy - Feedback Ferret

Customer advocacy is critical for the bottom line

J.D. Power recently reinforced the value of excellent customer experience when it announced the J.D. Power Customer Champions. These Champions were selected according to customer feedback attesting to their excellent service.

Finbarr O’Neill, president of J.D. Power said: “J.D. Power surveys hundreds of thousands of customers every year, and what we’ve found is that when consumers purchase different products and services, they don’t just compare their experiences within the same industry, they compare across industries. The 50 companies we’ve recognized as Customer Champions demonstrate the highest levels of service excellence, not just compared with their direct competitors, but also across all facets of the customer experience.”

J.D. Power recognises that outstanding customer service doesn’t just happen; it is very carefully planned. Companies who get everything right often see a return on the investment they make in pleasing their customers.

Over the past three years, one of Feedback Ferret’s clients, Nissan North America, has invested in an end to end solution for customer feedback and, in 2012, achieved an industry-leading 43 point year-over-year improvement in its J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index. This achievement rocketed Nissan into the top position as the fastest rising brand on J.D. Power.

Feedback Ferret is proud to be Nissan’s Voice of Customer analytics supplier enabling Nissan to turn its customer feedback initiative into a game-changing strategy. After taking over Nissan North America’s Voice of Customer program in 2011, and as a result of improved capabilities that Feedback Ferret provides, there has been a significant expansion in the number of sources of customer feedback that are gathered and analyzed in Nissan’s VoC program. The Ferret consolidates more than 20 customer feedback channels to its platform for text analytics, reporting and actioning, as well as providing Voice of Customer consulting services to Nissan.

Finbarr O’Neill sums it up perfectly: “Not only does satisfaction encourage customer loyalty, but happy customers also become advocates of the brand to others. Particularly given the ability of today’s consumers to easily communicate their experiences far and wide through social media and online reviews, customer advocacy can be critical to a company’s bottom line.”