Congratulations to our client, P&O Ferries!

Congratulations to our client, P&O Ferries!

We are thrilled to read that our client, P&O Ferries, has ranked 20th out of 250 UK companies in The Customer Satisfaction Index 2018. Congratulations to P&O Ferries!

P&O Ferries has been using Feedback Ferret services to understand what drives customer scores. They have then been acting on the insight to drive rapid improvements in customer experience.

P&O Ferries case study

How it works

The Feedback Ferret analytics dashboards give all departments in the business the opportunity to understand what drives customer satisfaction. Plans are then drafted and implemented to improve the standards of customer experience throughout the lifecycle, from bookings to journeys on the ships.

P&O Ferries’ Customer Services Manager, Jenny Lorimer says: “Feedback Ferret has given P&O Ferries the meaning behind its NPS. We can now quickly and easily identify exactly what our customers are telling us to improve, and what we need to do more of. We now have a targeted programme of projects with employees across the whole business using the insight to continuously improve the customer experience.”

The Institute of Customer Service publish The Customer Satisfaction Index twice a year. All results are based on the responses of more than 10,000 customers.

A variety of CX metrics are covered in the survey, including staff professionalism, quality and efficiency, ease of doing business, problem solving, complaint handling and attitudes towards trust and reputation.


This story originally appeared on the Travel Mole news page.



By Alex Barbella, Client Success Manager