Can you afford to miss comments on health conditions in your residents’ feedback?

Are critical issues being identified and resolved at the speed they should be? With the imminent introduction of new health and safety regulations, housing professionals can’t afford to be on the back foot. The sector must deliver the levels of service residents both want and need. And they must do it now.

Luckily, you already have the main ingredient you need to improve your service levels: resident feedback. Everyday your residents share their worries and concerns with you. But how closely are you listening to them?

Analysing feedback is time-consuming and often inefficient. It is almost impossible for humans to extract and categorise the myriad issues often covered within a single comment, especially when there are thousands of comments to sort through. Subtleties can therefore be overlooked, and crucial red flags along with them.

Mould in a flat is something that needs to be addressed but it might not shoot to the top of your priority list. However, when there is a child with breathing difficulties living in that flat it becomes a category 1 hazard and immediate action is required.

Don’t leave it to chance. Make sure you’re on top of the most pressing concerns for your residents and your organisation by employing text analytics.

Text analytics works by collating large amounts of information from various feedback channels, digesting the data and delivering insightful reports that you can use straight away to take action. Sort complex statements into themes, topics and sentiment to understand where there are fundamental problems.

By employing billions of sector-relevant keywords and contextual phrases, text analytics can identify feedback that represents a significant hazard, for example where both ‘asthma’ and ‘mould’, or‘ elderly’ and ‘trip hazard’ appear in the same comment. It also recognises misspellings, sarcasm, slang and a huge amount of variants that can be easily overlooked when conducting a manual search.  

Additionally, text analytics allows you to identify vulnerabilities in residents, alerting you to new medical conditions so you can improve customer care and update your records.

But an exceptional customer experience is just one benefit of using text analytics. By categorising feedback you’ll start to see trends that can help you plan for the future, prevent minor concerns from mushrooming into significant problems and even save you money. These insights will shine a light on systematic contractor failings, faulty appliances, unreliable tradespeople and issues occurring in certain buildings or areas.

For example, a client using Feedback Ferret’s text analysis solution said: “We noticed a spike in the number of complaints about repairs in boilers and heating systems – they were repeatedly breaking down. Using text analytics and our own metadata, we identified that these were in the same property block. So, rather than continue to pay for ongoing repairs, we decided to replace the whole set of boilers with new ones.”

Listening effectively is key to overcoming so many of the issues Housing Associations and their residents face. Can you afford to overlook it?