Audi Improve Customer Service With Feedback Ferret 

Audi drive customer service improvements

In a bid to improve the customer experience for their service customers, Audi dealers are using Feedback Ferret to equip themselves with vital customer information prior to customers arriving at the dealership so that they can improve their overall experience.


After each service, customers complete satisfaction surveys which are analysed by Feedback Ferret. Results and insights are reported back to the respective dealerships for appropriate action. In addition, the customer feedback is stored for future access.

Before customers arrive for their next service, the feedback from their previous visit is reviewed. If a customer complains about an issue, the staff in the dealership will ensure that the issue was rectified and “never happens again”. Equally, if a customer made positive comments about an aspect of their service (eg “I loved the courtesy car I was given”), the staff will go out of their way to ensure that customer has that same positive experience again.

In this way, the customer feedback forms part of the client job card and customer service. Customer expectations are met – or exceeded – and customer loyalty improves.

On a different level, Audi is also using customer feedback to promote competition within their dealer network.

Traditionally, competition between dealerships has always been strong. In a bid to improve customer service across all dealerships, Audi has introduced online dealer reviews. This gives customers a chance to compare feedback ratings and comments so they can choose the dealer best suited to their needs.

All customers are asked to submit an overall rating and open ended comments after their sales or service interactions with a dealer. These scores and comments are then analysed by Feedback Ferret and fed into the respective websites of each dealer.

As part of the Feedback Ferret analysis, only relevant comments that apply to the dealer are pushed through for display on the dealer websites. Issues that are relevant to Audi head office are filtered back to Audi UK for action.

Of the two initiatives, Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director says: “Audi is listening to customers and acting to ensure negative experiences are not repeated and positive experiences are built upon. This has helped build loyalty amongst customers and increased their satisfaction levels.

The online dealer reviews has encouraged healthy competition between dealerships and given customers an opportunity to compare dealer service in their local area and choose the one they feel they would get best service from. All in all, these two programmes are driving up service standards across the company.”