Are you ready to leap into the brave new world of customer feedback?

Many companies have never considered any other form of customer feedback tool other than a traditional tick-box survey. You know, one of those epic surveys:

“How would you rate the X?”

“How would you rate the Y?”

“How would you rate the Z?”

etc etc etc!

Such surveys can take 10 – 15 minutes to complete which, considering today’s widespread customer survey fatigue, it’s a wonder they generate any responses at all.

So is there an alternative which would return better response rates? Yes, there is.

Welcome to the brave new world of customer feedback forms that focus on one rating score followed by open-ended commentary. Below is an example:

Such feedback forms are:

  • more customer friendly (easy, short and quick to complete) and therefore generate better response rates
  • generate more qualitative feedback (which provides much more actionable insight so you can improve your customer experience)

And with today’s automated text analysis capabilities, making sense of large volumes of verbatim comments is no longer the onerous task it once was.

There is just one sticking point: is your organisation ready to change the way they have always done it? We’ll bet someone in your organisation will say: “how will we compare future performance against past performance if the method of collating feedback is changed?”

Here at Feedback we can confidently say that this is probably the biggest barrier to moving to the brave new Ferret world of collecting feedback.

HOWEVER, the key issue here is not the comparison of the scores over time, it is what you do with it. Simply measuring the same thing repeatedly month on month and year on year because it gives senior management comfort about ‘consistency’ is hardly a sound basis for improving your business, is it?

All insight from customer feedback should be pro-actively used to improve your customer experience and business performance. And for that to happen, you need to know MORE than what scores your customers give. You need to know WHY they gave those scores and then take action to improve your business.

If you are considering taking a leap into the brave new world, one thing we can say with certainty: none of our current clients has ever regretted trying the new method. The words we hear all too often are “why didn’t we do this sooner?”