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Barely Audible & Best Buy

How does our text analytics machine, that has been taught automated rules, understand whether the phrases “barely audible” and “best buy” are positive or negative?

dog of a car When is a dog a dog? When is cool cool?

Considering using text analytics to understand Voice of Customer comments? Make sure the solution you choose can distinguish between a dog & a dog, and cool & cool. Curious?

Focus group at fingertips Make decisions faster – use Text Analytics!

Have you ever wanted a Focus Group at your finger tips? Use Text Analytics. Find out how we can help you make faster strategic decisions.

Finding out the unknown unknowns from your customer feedback Finding out the unknown unknowns from your customer feedback

It doesn’t matter how much customer feedback you collect, a good text analysis engine will discover all the unknown unknowns within it.

P&O Ferries case study Congratulations to our client, P&O Ferries!

We are thrilled to read that our client, P&O Ferries, has ranked 20th out of 250 UK companies in The Customer Satisfaction Index 2018. Congratulations!

text analysis Text analytics and the human touch

What do self-drive cars and text analytics have in common? They both need the human touch. Find out why.

text analytics Is Text Analytics the right solution for you?

If you’re bamboozled by the amount of information available on Text Analytics, we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

elephant Elephants and text analytics? It’s all about correct interpretation …

What have 6 blind men and an elephant got to do with text analytics? Click here to find out.

Text analytics for big data animated image Let the Ferret loose on your Big Data

Feedback Ferret has been proven to deliver consistently better results than Natural Language Processing, both for topic extraction and contextually correct sentiment scoring. This is important, as you need to be able to rely on what the reporting tool is telling you.

Automotive World Congress sponsored by Feedback Ferret

Come and visit us at the Congress and find out how we help global automotive organizations like GM, Nissan, BMW & McLaren improve their customer experience.

Another eureka moment for Ferret’s Lexicon Team

Read this brilliant example which demonstrates the value of the human brain being involved in the text analysis process.

Text analytics the easy way

Text analysis with Feedback Ferret is easy – we do all the heavy lifting. Find out how text mining with us saves you time and cost.

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