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Customer experience: how to avoid Paralysis by Analysis

In a world full of information, it’s easy to forget about the customer experience. Don’t let “paralysis by analysis” take over.

Using Impact Analysis to make big and quick improvements to customer experience

Uncover what’s really driving your customer loyalty, scores and sentiment, and focus your efforts where it will make the biggest impact on your bottom line. 

Closing the loop with your customers is critical

Ever thought about turning a complaint into a sales opportunity? Does your organisation take too long to respond to complaints or even ignores them totally?

happy customer When is a happy customer not a happy customer?

Your happiest customers may rate you 10/10 but don’t ignore their negative feedback comments. They are gold dust!

word cloud Word Clouds – a valuable insight tool or load of hot air?

Word clouds – we’re often asked about them – do we do them? how useful are they? etc. Find out why we don’t hold this trendy data visualisation tool in high regard.

Customer feedback guides product development decisions

Unsure whether better quality seats were needed for their vehicle, our client turned to us to dig deep and find out what customers wanted.

Impact analysis with automotive client Impact analysis in practice

How can impact analysis really help a business? Read how we helped our client focus their efforts where it really mattered.

take action Data is worthless without action

Are insights being drawn from your VoC data? And are these insights being acted upon to improve the overall customer experience?

You Said, We Did!

Find out how ExtraCare is already taken action on the customer feedback received within the first few weeks of their pilot programme.

A priceless piece of customer feedback

An interesting comment about scoring systems which we found totally priceless.

Retailer pays heavy price for not listening to customer feedback

When a customer doesn’t feel valued, they vote with their wallet. And while my wallet is undoubtedly happier now, this giant of the retail world needs to sit up and start listening.

Tableau: enabling analysis of the analysis

The introduction of Tableau has taken Feedback Ferret’s analysis capabilities to a new level. Our clients are now benefiting from the additional array of visualisations with which data can now be presented.

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