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The true value of negative customer feedback

Is negative customer feedback a bad thing? Turn the negative to positive and keep them following your brand. Hug the cactus.

tea pot Is your customer feedback process fit for purpose (unlike the teapot)?

Have you ever stood in your customers’ shoes and assessed your own customer feedback process? If not, read on.

What’s the difference between surveys and feedback forms?

Understand the difference between a traditional ‘survey’ and a ‘customer feedback form’ and decide what’s right for your business. Find out more.

Tiny mozzarella balls spark customer feedback anguish

Giving constructive customer feedback on a take away pizza and salad should be a simple process. Not in this case! Find out what Sonia had to endure.

Is your door open to customer feedback?

Feedback Ferret enables companies to open the door to customer feedback, making it easy for people wishing to give their comments and suggestions.

We Want Your Feedback (Well, Not Really)

This article really does make us wonder what some companies are doing, treating their customers like this with regards to feedback.

Even monks take to social media

One monk’s recent experience with United Airlines made the news when, upon reaching a stalemate with the airline, the monk took the issue public out of sheer desperation.

More big data thoughts for customer feedback analysis

I read with interest (yet another?) article on Big Data but one with a very simple message about social media and how its unstructured format reveals so much about customers’ thoughts and actions.

Controlling your customer feedback

Structured feedback programs allow an organization to have some measure of control over their customers’ feedback. Positive commentary can be learned from and leveraged. Negative feedback can be managed to avoid having all dirty laundry aired for the world to see.

What actions in your call centre drive customer loyalty

Prediction of human behavior can be a maddening enterprise, but with the right tools, even the elusive can be grasped. Do you know what makes your customers loyal to you?

Feedback Ferret & Silverstone: a winning combination

Organising a big sporting event can be a complex juggling act. Visitors will usually have spent large sums of money to acquire tickets and their desire to have the ‘experience of

Is all this social media hype just a tad misplaced?

There’s no denying it, the arrival of social media has made a big splash! Brands are being encouraged to adopt social media monitoring strategies in order to find out what their