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Are you ready to leap into the brave new world of customer feedback?

Find out about this “brave new world” of customer feedback. Is it one you should take a step into? The words our clients say all too often are “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

A customer experience that left my blood boiling

Why do our customer experiences with some of our biggest multi national organisations often leave us in a state of total frustration?

Customers are for life, not just for Christmas

Looking back on your business in 2018, do you REALLY know your customers? Do you really know WHY they purchase from you? Have you ever ASKED them?

WestJet Christmas Miracle – a priceless customer experience

The Christmas customer experience demonstrated by WestJet back in 2013 is still one of the best we’ve ever seen. Watch it again!

Use atonement to transform your customer experience Use atonement to transform your customer experience

Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference. Find out how you can use the little things to win customers over.

Straw that breaks camels back Identifying the straw that breaks the camel’s back

Is your organisation able to identify those moments that push a customer over the edge? You know, the straws that break the camel’s back? Find out more.

steering back on course Is your customer feedback programme being knocked off-course?

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Is your customer feedback programme delivering the results you expected? If not, find out why.

customer experience Customer experience: how not to handle Hot Alerts

This brilliantly simple blog sends out a clear message about customer experience – if you don’t want to listen, don’t ask!

Customer experience: how to avoid Paralysis by Analysis

In a world full of information, it’s easy to forget about the customer experience. Don’t let “paralysis by analysis” take over.

Metropolitan Police improve customer experience

Find out how Feedback Ferret is playing a pivotal role in helping the Metropolitan Police improve customer experience.

customer insight Festivals & Events – a guide to getting the customer insight you need

Consider using the latest technology to get customer insight from your event, improve the experience, drive loyalty and increase your bottom line. Find out more.

The Times logo Feedback Ferret features in The Times business report

Find out how not to annoy your customers with long tedious surveys in today’s specialist business report in The Times.

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