Housing Digital interview -Feedback Ferret shares insights on how housing associations can improve customer engagement and deal with resident feedback efficiently

How can Feedback Ferret help housing associations meet their Social Housing White Paper obligations in regard to customer engagement?

One Manchester joins Feedback Ferret to process its customer feedback data

Feedback Ferret, welcomes One Manchester to our growing list of housing sector clients.

Thinking about building your own in-house text analytics system? Here are some possible pitfalls to consider.

Building your own in-house text analytics can be more difficult than you think.

How adhering to the Housing Health & Safety Ratings System is easier than ever

We are delighted to announce the exciting launch of our Housing Health and Safety text analytics solution.

We are ISO certified for another 3 years

We're delighted to announce we have just had our ISO 27001 (Information Security) certification renewed for a further 3 years.

Making your call centre more efficient using customer feedback

With so many call centre agents working from home, how do you measure their performance and improve the efficiency of your call centre?

Unleash the Power of Customer Feedback

We're pleased to announce our CIH Virtual Ideas Lab on 8th December where we'll share best practices for driving CX improvements. The event is free to all in the Housing sector - sign up now!

Add value, don't cut costs

As a deep recession looms, costs will be cut and confidence in the economy is low. But think twice before cutting the Voice of Customer programme! It could just help you.

What's beefing you?

How to make customers complain more - and why this is good for business!

Improve customer experience using your front-line staff

Improve customer experience by using your front-line staff as your “research team”.

Customer experience: How to avoid Paralysis by Analysis

In a world full of information, it’s easy to forget about the customer experience. Don’t let “paralysis by analysis” take over.

When is a dog a dog? When is cool cool?

Considering using text analytics to analyse customer comments? Make sure the solution you choose can distinguish between a dog & a dog, and cool & cool.