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Identifying that "moment" - the straw that breaks the camel’s back

Is your organisation able to identify those moments that push a customer over the edge? Hot Alerts ensure you never miss these clear defection signals.

What Customers REALLY Think Of The Challenger Banks

Which of the Challenger Banks ranks top for customer satisfaction and which are the poor performers?

How would you rate 2020 and why?

Many organisations are wrapped up in measuring scores but without the reasons behind the scores, the scores are just numbers, nothing else.

Don't ask if you won't listen

This brilliantly simple blog sends out a clear message about customer experience – if you don’t want to listen, don’t ask!

Customer surveys: We’ve always done it that way!

Are you churning out the same customer feedback surveys, not daring to change for fear of comparing apples and pears? It’s time to take a leap of faith.

Finding out the unknown unknowns

It doesn’t matter how much customer feedback you collect, a good text analysis engine will discover all the unknown unknowns within it.

Closing the loop with your customers is critical

Ever thought about turning a complaint into a sales opportunity? Does your organisation take too long to respond to complaints or even ignore them totally?

Are you ready to leap into the brave new world of customer feedback?

Is this "brave new world" one you should take a step into? The words our clients say all too often are “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Customer experience: How to avoid Paralysis by Analysis

In a world full of information, it’s easy to forget about the customer experience. Don’t let “paralysis by analysis” take over.

What's beefing you?

How to make customers complain more - and why this is good for business!

Add value, don't cut costs

As a deep recession looms, costs will be cut and confidence in the economy is low. But think twice before cutting the Voice of Customer programme! It could just help you.

"Pint for a Pint" promotion leads to more donations

By listening to customer feedback, the South African National Blood Service has attracted more donors.