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6 Tips For Becoming A Listening Company

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Ferret Tip 1:

Put your customers above all else
A listening company – one with a customer centric culture – must be genuinely embedded throughout the whole organisation, not a whim of an idea within one department. Stop saying “I think we should do this”. Start saying “what do our customers think?” and improve customer satisfaction. 

Ferret Tip 2:

Scrutinize your service
Find out what is happening on your shop floor. Listen to customer service calls. Walk around the shop floor. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. And if you see or hear something you don’t like, consider it an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction!

Ferret Tip 3:

Make it quick and easy for your customers to give feedback
Short, open commentary surveys generate higher response rates and quality, insightful feedback. Strike while the iron is hot – ask for feedback as soon after their interaction as possible. Make it convenient for customers to complete – any time, any channel.

And above all, make giving feedback a positive brand experience for the customer.

Ferret Tip 4:

Find out the bad stuff as well as the good stuff
Whilst it’s much more pleasant reading compliments about your company, it’s the complaints and suggestions that provide insight into how you can grow your business. Listen to negative comments, finds out why they have been made and takes action to put matters right.

Ferret Tip 5:

Do something with the feedback
Collecting customer feedback is the first step. But if you don’t do anything with it, you may as well save yourself the money. Let customer feedback drive business decisions. Collect it, analyse it, discuss it, act upon it and improve customer satisfaction.

Ferret Tip 6:

Embrace social media in conjunction with traditional feedback channels
Social media is here to stay. Be visible. Make it fun. And remember, for some of your customers, social media is quite simply their preferred communication tool. If you ignore them, it’s tantamount to hanging up on the phone or deleting their email without reading it.

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