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Feedback Ferret - Issues We Solve
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Issues we solve

Make sense of customer comments across all surveys, online reviews and social media

Sifting through thousands of customer comments to understand the main issues can take significant time and resource. Feedback Ferret helps by automatically collecting all your feedback comments from any source. Using powerful text analytics, we make sense of what they’re saying. No more manual reading or coding of comments – or worse yet, ignoring them! See the results in our simple online dashboard.
Find our how one of our clients is QUICKLY and EASILY identifying exactly what their customers are telling them to improve, and what they need to do more of. 


Discover what keeps customers loyal and how to drive your 5-star ratings

It’s not always the things customers mention most that need your greatest attention. Feedback Ferret digs deep and uncovers what really drives your scores, so you can focus your improvement efforts where it really matters, be it improving processes, products, services, staff training or communications.
Find out how one of our clients increased their C-Sat score from 3/10 to 9/10 after using our tools to analyse root causes to customer issues.


Receive real-time alerts if a customer tells you they’re unhappy

Feedback Ferret’s automated alerts enable you to troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they escalate. Get notified immediately when a customer gives very negative feedback or when there is a threat to your reputation (e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment, etc.) Take action immediately and show customers that you are listening, and that you do care!
Find our how one of our client’s saved $250,000 over 12 months after implementing our automated alerts.


Combat survey fatigue by using our short, simple surveys that actually get filled in

Use our short, simple surveys that ask as few questions as possible without compromising your own KPI requirements. And tell your customers it will be a short survey – they are more likely to complete it. We focus on the customer comments where they can say exactly how they think, in their own words. One of our clients saw response rates rise 20% after reducing the number of questions on their survey from 35 to 4. What’s more impressive – customers wrote more comments so more insight was gained overall.
Read more about this client and how they’ve benefited from a shorter survey.


Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper