Improve customer experience

by driving loyalty, retention and boosting sales.


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Drive sales by improving 5 star ratings
Listen to your customers and understand what needs to be done to drive brand loyalty and retention rates. One of our clients achieved a 400% increase in re-booking rates among ‘unhappy’ customers by using our solution!

Evaluate every part of the customer journey
Monitor satisfaction levels in real time and at every touchpoint: from the initial booking right through to arrival at the destination, accommodation, travel, dining right up to the post-holiday review. Identify what actions you need to take to make the biggest impact on your guests’ experience and to retain their ongoing loyalty.

Make sense of online reviews
Sifting through thousands of customer comments to understand the main issues can take significant time and resource. Automate your process - no more manual reading or coding of comments – or worse yet, ignoring them!

Protect your reputation
Get notified immediately when there is a threat to your reputation, e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment, etc. Troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they escalate.

Reduce average call times and improve first call resolution in your call centres
Identify which agents are underperforming and understand which processes irk your customers. Quickly carry out training, or review your processes to realign them with customer expectations.

Get more from your digital customers
Monitor how easy or hard customers find it to use your online services and apps. What are the sticking / exit points for them and make the process smoother.

dentify poor performing staff and reward high performing staff. Find out where the weaknesses lie and undertake training programmes to improve customer service.