Analyse your residents' feedback

with our dedicated coded framework of over 450 housing sector topics


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Feedback Ferret have been providing Text Analytic services for over 20 years turning customer feedback comments into meaningful and actionable insights to drive positive change.

We work with a number of Housing Associations and have developed a dedicated code framework that includes over 450 Housing sector-specific topics which has made sure all topics are relevant to the needs of the sector.

Benefits of using text analytics for Housing Associations

  • Continuous monitoring for regulatory compliance and legal complaints
  • Understanding the ‘why' behind the feedback
  • Driving improvements in overall customer satisfaction
  • Listening effectively to residents’ concerns
  • Creating efficiencies in operational tasks such as repair management
  • Preventing complaints
  • Taking speedy and remedial action on health and safety issues

How does it work - 3 simple steps

Data Inputs

The process starts with the collection of your customer feedback data. This can be your current feedback data or we can arrange for surveys to be conducted.  We then combine customer feedback data with other metadata such as geographic demographics data, rental, employment, residency and status etc.  This enables much deeper insights and correlations to be reported.

Text Analytics  

At the core of the solutions is the Text Analytics software taking the unstructured customer feedback comments, analysing them against many millions of contextual phrases, words, topics and themes which allow for slang, mis-spellings, colloquialisms, idioms, sarcasm and many other nuances found in the use of language. The data is tagged for both housing specific topics and sentiment giving a score for how positively or negatively a customer is feeling about the item being mentioned.



We use the industry-leading reporting tool, Tableau. The reporting views are Housing sector specific in nature  to ensure they are both relevant to seniority levels, various lines of business and other organisational structures.

Alternatively you can have your data returned labelled and returned for use in your own internal reporting tools such as Power BI, Qlik Sense, Domo or any other platform.

Whether you prefer to build your own reports or use the Feedback Ferret reporting suite, our expertise is available to support and help. Feedback Ferret data is not tied to any proprietary customer feedback reporting tools, the processed data is always made available to customers regardless of the choices they make around reporting.

Hot Alerts

Hot Alerts are generated when customer comments contain phrases that require urgent attention. As part of our Customer Experience solution the Hot Alerts are focused around critical matters such as Legal Threats, Staff Behaviours (dishonesty, unhelpful etc), defection signals, comments with significant negative sentiment etc.

Hot alerts are reported within the Tableau reporting tools and can be routed to front-line staff via email, SMS text or via API call to existing in-house management systems.

With the  HHSRS code framework Hot Alerts will be focused on the regulator prescribed Category-1 hazards to identify the most serious of issues.

Essential and Premium Packages

We have standard packages which include one- time set up costs and annual ongoing costs all clearly stated upfront, there is also the option to add on various additional services with costs outlined up front.