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"Unleash The Power of Customer Feedback"

If you're interested in finding new ways to improve your customer satisfaction scores, check out the presentation for the CIH Ideas Lab: "Unleash the Power of Customer Feedback"

Do you really know what makes your customers tick? Do you ask them? When and how often do you ask them? Do you ask the right questions? What do you do with the feedback? It's time to unleash the power of customer feedback!

Feedback Ferret partnered with the Chartered Institute of Housing and The Guinness Partnership to host a virtual Ideas Lab "Unleash the Power of Customer Feedback" on December 8th 2020.

The session covered best practices for surveying your customers, the importance of listening to customers at every step in their journey, and taking action on feedback which is critical in driving customer satisfaction rates. Find out how The Guinness Partnership is using their customer feedback - you’ll appreciate that this is one of the most powerful tools organisations have to continually improve business performance.

Click HERE to download the presentation.

Benefits of Text Analytics

Prioritise your investments
Dig deep and uncover what really matters to customers, so you can better focus your improvement efforts – be it improving developments, enhancing surroundings, upgrading security systems, improving administration processes, communications or staff training.

Save money by contacting customers who mention legal action in their feedback and resolve the issues before legal advisors become involved. We enable you to react immediately to anyone who mentions lemon law, safety concerns, and threats of legal action.

Protect your reputation
Get notified immediately when a tenant, leaseholder or homeowner gives very negative feedback or when there is a threat to your reputation (e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment, etc.) Take action immediately and show customers that you are listening, and that you do care!

Make sense of customer comments
Using powerful text analytics, make sense of what your tenants, leaseholders or homeowners are saying. No more manual reading or coding of comments – or worse yet, ignoring them!

Reduce average call times and improve first call resolution in your call centres
Identify which agents are underperforming and understand which processes irk your customers. Quickly carry out training, or review your processes to realign them with customer expectations.