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How We Help

  • CSAT ratings - Improve your customer satisfaction ratings by listening to customer feedback and taking action to improve their experience
  • Compliance – Pinpoint customer complaints across all channels and identify the root causes. Take action against misconduct or compliance issues and reduce the risk of fines.
  • Upsell and cross sell – Use customer feedback to understand the key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and spend across all products and services. Target customers with upselling and cross selling opportunities by better understanding their needs.
  • Protect your reputation - Automated alerts enable you to troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they escalate. Get notified immediately when there is a threat to your reputation (e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment, etc.).
  • Call centres – Identify poor performing agents or time consuming processes. Undertake the necessary training or review processes accordingly and realign them in keeping with customer expectations. Good agents deliver good customer service which in turn delivers happy customers.
  • Online and App experience – Monitor how easy customers find it to use your digital services and use the results to identify opportunities for improvements to the online experience.
  • Branch experience – Compare the operational performances of all your branches and locations (from staff friendliness and ambiance to reliability of ATM services etc.) and use the results to make improvements to poor performing branches and promote / reward the best performing ones. Go one step further and use the information to make informed decisions for branch maintenance improvements.
  • Training – Use customer feedback to identify poor performing staff and reward high performing staff. Find out where the weaknesses lie and undertake training programmes to improve customer service.

We have worked for a number of clients in the finance sector and our text analytics finance topic set has been fully developed and is ready to go for new clients.

Our role-based dashboards combine all the feedback from every touchpoint in your customer’s journey. They enable your employees to take action to improve customer experience, drive loyalty and boost sales.