Collate customer feedback into one reporting platform


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Identify compliance issues immediately
Pinpoint customer complaints and identify root causes. Take action to ensure your employees are operating within corporate and FCA regulations and reduce risk of fines / penalties.

Onboard more customers
Find out how easy your customers find it to sign up for your services and what drives abandonment rates. Align the process with customer expectations.

Get more from your digital customers
Monitor how easy or hard customers find it to use your online services and apps. What are the sticking / exit points for them and make the process smoother.  

Upsell and cross-sell
Understand what delights customers, and what drives them out of the door. Target customers with the right products and services by better understanding their needs.

Reduce average call times and improve first call resolution in your call centres
Identify which agents are underperforming and understand which processes irk your customers. Quickly carry out training, or review your processes to realign them with customer expectations.

Protect your reputation - Get notified immediately when there is a threat to your reputation, e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman,harassment, etc. Troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they escalate.

Identify and prioritise which areas of your business require innovation and investment
Regardless of your IT infrastructure or business organisation, collate customer feedback across the organisation, aggregate it into one reporting platform and then filter, slice and dice according to your requirements. This makes it easy to compare business performance and invest where the need is greatest.

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