Improve customer experience and boost revenue

by listening to your customers and supporters


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Listen to your supporters / residents / donors
Capture their voices at every touchpoint to ensure their journeys and your processes meet their needs. Continually monitor and improve their experiences.

Evaluate campaigns and events and make them better next time
Customer feedback comments help explain why a campaign or event was successful or not. By understanding the reasons behind the KPIs, changes can be made to improve performance in the future.

Onboard more supporters
Find out how easy your supporters find it to sign up for your services and events and what drives abandonment rates. Align the process with their expectations.

Get more from your digital customers
Monitor how easy or hard customers find it to use your online services and apps. What are the sticking / exit points for them and make the process smoother.  

Reduce average call times and improve first call resolution in your call centres
Identify which agents are underperforming and understand which processes irk your customers. Quickly carry out training, or review your processes to realign them with customer expectations.

Make sense of their feedback comments
Using powerful text analytics, make sense of what your fundraisers, donors, residents and volunteers are saying. No more manual reading or coding of comments or worse yet, ignoring them!

Discover what matters most to them
Dig deep and uncover what really matters to those you provide for, so you can better focus your improvement efforts – be it communications, administration processes, events or staff / volunteer training.

Protect your reputation - Get notified immediately when there is a threat to your reputation, e.g. legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment, etc. Troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they escalate. Take action immediately and show those you support that you are listening, and that you do care!

Improve customer experience, drive loyalty and boost revenue.