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Call Centres

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How We Help

We offer a Customer Feedback Solution for Call Centres of all sizes to help drive customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of the operations:

Agent performance
Identify poor performing agents or time consuming processes. Segment these by product or geographic location. Undertake the necessary training or review processes accordingly and realign them in keeping with customer expectations.

Satisfaction ratings
Understand what affects customer satisfaction and monitor agent performance for politeness, friendliness, empathy, resolution and compliance. Ensure your agents are delivering a top quality service for your customers.

Reduce average call duration
Use the insight from feedback comments to reduce the average time on each call. Find out why issues take the time they do to resolve, and implement processes that speed up the average time required to close a case.

First call resolution
Identify the factors affecting FCR and how this impacts satisfaction scores. Deep dive into why calls are not resolved first time and make changes to processes or training to reduce call volumes and average call duration.


Improve customer satisfaction and make your call centre more efficient.