Analyse feedback throughout the customer journey

from pre-sales to servicing and parts


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Pre sales
Increase your conversion rate from enquiry to purchase. Find out if you need to enhance training, improve the test drive process, or simply give prospects a warmer welcome the minute they step into the dealership.

Find out what works and what doesn’t. What were the customer’s perceptions of the vehicle, the service they received, communications with the retailer, the hand over procedure, the financial process etc.? Get it right to ensure customers remain loyal.

Stay ahead of your competitors. Understand at which points of the customer journey issues arise and what those issues are across all vehicle brands. Identify the priorities for your business to focus on improving and drive your ratings scores.

Service & parts
Build customer goodwill through great customer service. Poor communication, long wait times, or “not done right first time” are typical service complaints. Re-train service employees or change the way they manage communications with customers.

Nip manufacturing problems in the bud and reduce recalls. Use hot alerts to enable manufacturing managers to respond to problems quickly – staff may need extra training or a part may need to be replaced if it is causing technical problems.

Reduce average call times and improve first call resolution in your call centres
Identify which agents are under performing and understand which processes irk your customers. Quickly carry out training, or review your processes to realign them with customer expectations.

Roadside recovery
Ensure high customer service standards of your brand are retained by your Roadside recovery division. Was the correct truck sent? Did they arrive in a timely manner? How was the customer service?

Save money by contacting customers who mention legal action in their feedback and resolve the issues before legal advisors become involved. React immediately to anyone who mentions lemon law, safety concerns, and threats of legal action.

Online reviews & social media
Keep track of what is being said across all social media channels. This can help to predict the success of a new service, product or campaign, as well as helping to nip any unforeseen problems in the bud.