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Gathering Customer Feedback

Gathering feedback

Reaching people on the right channel at the right moment has never been more important. Ideally, feedback can be captured at any touch-point, at any time; giving you more insight, more often.

We consolidate your customer feedback it into a single reporting platform using automated data feeds. This enables you to analyse all your feedback from any source in one place:

Option 1: We can set up and operate Ferret-style surveys for you

Option 2: We gather customer feedback comments from your existing surveys from any of the following channels:


Feedback can be gathered and consolidated from any of the channels listed above. In addition, Feedback Ferret can combine the feedback data with other customer data that you supply, such as customer profiles, transactions, marketing contact histories, product ownership, etc. This will enhance the analysis and reporting of your customer opinions.

Data Integration

Feedback Ferret works WITH you to ensure the data we analyse is seamlessly integrated into your systems. Feedback Ferret can handle most data formats including text/csv files, HTML, XML, Excel, Word, Access, SMS text, RSS feeds. You name it, we can process it! Where appropriate, Feedback Ferret technical consultants will work with you and your technical teams to extract the right data from your internal systems.

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