Collect & Combine Customer Feedback

Automatically gather all your customer feedback comments from any touchpoint.

Consolidate all your feedback comments from any customer satisfaction surveys you operate into a single reporting platform. This enables you to analyse all your feedback comments from ANY source in ONE place.

Collect feedback comments using automated data feeds from any of the following channels: Email, SMS or telephone surveys; online reviews; social media; kiosks & tablets; website feedback; employee feedback.

In addition, combine the feedback comments with other customer data that you supply, such as customer profiles, transactions, marketing contact histories, product ownership, etc. This will enhance the analysis and reporting of your customer opinions.

Data Integration & Processing

We work WITH you to ensure the data we analyse is seamlessly integrated with your systems.

One-off transfers can be handled manually, but for regular ongoing data uploads, we would automate the transfer of data to enable rapid and seamless process for analysis and reporting.

The frequency of data supplied for continuous feedback projects can be whatever you want – daily, weekly, monthly – whatever works best for you and your operations.

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Multiple Languages

Feedback Ferret works with international clients who have customers in different countries and require multi-lingual solutions for their customer feedback programmes.

Full translation facilities are available for clients – all comments are translated into English before being analysed. Both the original comments and the translated versions can be viewed in our dashboard.

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