Analytics Dashboard & Reporting

Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard tool is designed for all levels of users, from people who need simple reports through to data analysts.

Topics, sentiment and emotions can all be viewed in conjunction with the full range of structured data associated with the customer feedback (e.g. survey scores and survey attributes, linked financial information or other customer profile data from your CRM tool).

Users can view the results in a variety of pre-formatted data visualisations. You can rank, filter, slice and dice the data to understand the impact on satisfaction and loyalty and drill through to the underlying comments from any data point.

Impact Analysis modelling is carried out on the topics to provide predictive weighting scores that indicate how influential each topic is in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty, from a negative and positive perspective.

Custom Reports

Within the Analytics Dashboard, you can self-configure Customised Reports to meet your needs. These do not just focus on the text analytics findings, but report on any of the data that we hold for you. Understand why customers rate you the way they do, the reasons behind their scores, and how can you gain quick insight into what the business can do to drive continuous improvements.

Data Exports

If you have your own analyst resource, we can supply you with the categorised results for you to run your own analysis and interrogations. Your data can be automatically exported to your corporate CRM or any other reporting system. This enables you to link business intelligence tools to online database for real time analysis and reporting.

Analyst Services

If you have high volumes of customer feedback but insufficient internal resources to analyse it, we can help. Our analysts work with you to understand your business and its goals. We can work either inside your organisation or remotely, in partnership with you and your customer experience team. They will show you where to focus your efforts and how to improve your business performance.

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