Feedback Ferret Provide Feedback Data Integration Support
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Data integration

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Feedback Ferret works WITH you to ensure the data we analyse is seamlessly integrated into your systems.

To achieve the transfer of data between clients and Feedback Ferret, we use a number of different methodologies, although we are very flexible and are able to transfer data in any way that is convenient for a particular client.

Data integration

SFTP File Transfer

When using SFTP file transfer, the client will package the data into a file of their choice (e.g. CSV, XML or XLS). Regardless of the type of file, the transfer method is the same; the client will be given access to our secure SFTP site, usually by means of a username and password, they will then be able to place the files on the site where they can then be picked up by Feedback Ferret and loaded in to our database. Alternative authentication methods can also be used, such as the use of public/private key file exchange.

Direct integration with Salesforce or other CRMs

Feedback Ferret is able to transfer data directly with Salesforce or other CRMs. All we need is a login and password to the clients’ implementation of Salesforce or CRM so we can deliver data straight in to their database. From there, the client is able to automatically create case records based on the text analysis results of survey records, which are then integrated with the normal workflow caseload and passed to call centre agents to be dealt with.

Web services

Using web services, the client can deliver data direct to Feedback Ferret by accessing a URL and a web service client application based on the customer’s premises. We also use web services for the transfer of data to other components of the Feedback Ferret text analysis workflow. These components include automatic transcription of audio files and automatic translation of non-English customer feedback. For example, data can be delivered as a series of audio files and an associated csv data file. Upon receipt, each of these files is automatically sent to a 3rd party audio file transcription company via their web service. We also host a web service which will automatically receive the transcriptions in text format and link them back to the original CSV data. The transcribed data is then loaded in to the Feedback Ferret database for text analysis processing.


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