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Benefit from over 20 years experience of understanding what makes the customer tick. Working closely with our team of experts, you'll identify how you can improve customer experience, drive loyalty and, ultimately, increase your bottom line.

From the outset, we seek to understand your business, its aims and capabilities. We know the importance of delivering real value to your customer experience programme and our ultimate aim is to ensure you generate a positive ROI on it.

Your Account Manager will ensure you are kept informed about best practices, advise you on how to generate the best quality feedback and proactively share valuable insights that we uncover from your feedback. We carry out regular business reviews and share other case studies that may be relevant.

Workshops are organised for all those involved in your feedback programme to ensure everyone has a sound understanding of the information available through the reporting tools.

Our approach

During the on-boarding process, our Program Delivery team gathers thorough and detailed requirements which set stable foundations for the project. The business requirements (project plan, technical/data requirements and the scope of execution) are all documented and agreed.

Implementation of the project will then be broken down into smaller tasks, which will be built iteratively, tested and signed off by you, the client.

Ongoing account management will consist of several methods of communication:

  • Regular status meetings which provide every project with optimum transparency and control.
  • Ad hoc ‘first line support’ requests will be handled by our project team who are available during work hours to answer any questions you may have.
  • Quarterly strategy meetings are scheduled to review project progress for the last quarter, discuss plans for the next quarter and also suggest where additional value can be provided.

Our success is your success!

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