Client Quotes

“It is unbelievable the insight that we are now able to show to the retailers. We’re not having conversations about scores and numbers any more, but talking about the real issues that they need to improve their customer experience.”

Mark Crandon

“Capturing our supporters’ voices using Feedback Ferret has allowed Alzheimer’s Society to be more responsive in making sure their journeys and our processes meet their needs. As a charity, the experiences we provide to our supporters need to be exceptional. Hearing their voices through each interaction means experiences are continually monitored and improved, meaning we can be more responsive and see the impact of any changes very clearly. When evaluating campaigns and events, star ratings and key feedback themes identified through Feedback Ferret form an integral part of explaining our performance.”

Helen Jackson
Alzheimer's Society

“Extracting any insight from our manual process was like looking for a needle in a haystack – we knew we needed to automate the process. By using Feedback Ferret, we are now able to find the hotspots for complaints and deep dive into any aspect of our operations. We can quickly, easily and accurately find out what our customers are saying. We have already reaped the rewards by taking action on the feedback and, in the process, saved ourselves money and improved our processes.”

Chris Haynes
The Guinness Partnership

“As a result of the information Feedback Ferret provides us with, we have already identified several areas of the business we need to improve upon. We are taking corrective action to deal with these and are looking forward to seeing an improvement in our bottom line as a result.”

Roger Watson
Daisy Group

“Feedback Ferret has given P&O Ferries the meaning behind its NPS. We can now quickly and easily identify exactly what our customers are telling us to improve, and what we need to do more of.”

Jenny Lorimer
P&O Ferries

"The Ferret has helped us improve customer satisfaction by highlighting weaknesses in the way we handle complaints. By being able to quickly understand customer complaints and act on them, we can resolve their issues before they escalate to Ombudsman level."

Tom Caley
Origin Energy

“Fundamentally we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important to them in the verbatim comments. If you can’t effectively analyse this then you are missing out on customer gold!”

Jonny Combe

“By listening and acting on the negative comments, we have won unhappy customers back into the fold, improved facilities on specific sites, better equipped our accommodation according to customer needs and improved our staff training. The benefits of the programme are very clear to see throughout the organisation.”

James Turner

“You don’t manage customer loyalty, you manage the drivers of loyalty. Find out why your customers want to leave and then tackle the root causes of those issues.”

Dave Mingle
General Motors