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The best kind of feedback

best kind of feedback

It is unbelievable the insight that we are now able to show to the retailers. We’re not having conversations about scores and numbers any more, but talking about the real issues that they need to improve their customer experience”

Mark Crandon, BMW

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a customer feedback system that works like having a focus group at your finger tips 24/7? And have them present in every strategic and operational meeting within your business?

Well, now there’s a way you can.

focus group

By asking for open-ended customer feedback, analysed by text analytics in real time, you can have all the information you will ever need to truly understand what makes your customers happy or unhappy so you can take action accordingly.

Customer feedback analytics and text analytics have come of age and have revolutionised the way organisations are able to collect quality, insightful feedback. Long, tedious tick box surveys are a thing of the past. Not only do customers not have the time for them, they are often asked to rate factors they did not experience, and are not allowed enough freedom to express their opinions on the things they did experience.

Allow your customers to say what they think is important about their experience. Give them a chance, and they will tell you what they love and what they hate. You don’t have to ask a specific question to get the answer.

Ask less to get more.


Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper