Automated Alerts - Take Action

Automated alerts are the lifeblood of any Customer Experience Solution.

Red flag alerts enable you to troubleshoot issues before they escalate. Green flag alerts help build emotional loyalty. Contact requests means you never miss a customer request to be contacted.

Red flag alerts

These inform you in real time of feedback that may be considered a business threat and require immediate follow-up with your customer. Organizations can quickly identify and act on key issues that need remedial action - or praise - that have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ombudsman cases, compensation and refunds, warranty claims etc. all cost money. These can be measured and monitored over time to help understand the ROI of your Voice of Customer programme. It only takes a handful of successfully resolved cases per month for the programme to pay for itself.

100 days taken just to prepare a set of documents in order to transfer my Policy, which now has a value of more than £440 LESS than originally offered. That’s dreadful then you offer just £50 in compensation, that is appalling so I have NOT signed the transfer document, have instructed XX to hold back with the transfer, logged a complaint with yourselves & spoken with the Ombudsman in order to seek a better result.
I've been trying to get new windows for nearly 8 years now and it's not happened, it's just upsetting and not getting anywhere, it's a complete fire hazard my house is at the moment and I have no way of escaping.
I got very upset and said that I will sue your company and he told me to leave immediately. So I left. I consulted my lawyer and we immediately found the car you sold me was a rental! This information was not disclosed at the time of sale and constitutes, at minimum a misinterpretation, and potentially fraudulent misinterpretation.

Green flag alerts

Trigger contact with customers where the response has been positive. Reinforcing positive customer sentiment and motions through affirmative actions can have a huge positive impact on building emotional customer loyalty.

Your service team was the friendliest automobile service team I’ve ever experienced! I also loved the virtual service video of my car that was texted to me so I could see exactly what was going on, brilliant idea!

Contact Requests

Regardless of the score given by a customer, the topic ‘Contact Requests’ is coded in every client’s program. Building topic hits for this topic into your alert program will ensure that you never miss a request to be contacted.

I lose money because of your error. You are sorting this out but I am told it will take a further 10 days as the process is automatic. I have asked that you do this now, not in 10 days and am awaiting your response. I shouldn't have to do this work for you.

How alerts work

The alert facility is available to all clients, to quickly sift out all the feedback responses that meet any of the criteria for the alert business rules, using a combination of factors such as verbatim topics, sentiment score and survey rating score.

Alerts can be triggered via direct API upload to CRM or other database platforms, email messages, SMS text messages, etc.

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