The Ferret Story

Feedback Ferret first started in 1998, analysing open-ended customer feedback at a level that had never been possible before.

Year on year, we have painstakingly tweaked and improved our capabilities and evolved Feedback Ferret to create a Complete Customer Experience Solution.

With success stories that include some of the world’s largest brands, we have grown into customer feedback and text analytics experts.

Management Team:
photo of Paul Shearing
Piers Alington

Co-founder Piers has spent 20 years talking to and working with companies about their customer feedback programmes. What Piers doesn’t know about text analytics and generating insightful customer feedback simply isn’t worth knowing.

photo of Paul Shearing
Mark Spicer

Co-founder Mark is our chief technical officer and is responsible for all product development. With over 40 years’ experience in software development, Mark is the architect of the powerful Ferret text analysis engine and reporting platform.

photo of Paul Shearing
Vian van der Berg
Business Manager

Vian has over 30 years’ experience within private enterprises in a variety of business disciplines including financial accounting, credit management, legal and business operations. Vian is responsible for all the financial, contractual (commercial & procurement, including statutory obligations) and business operations for both the UK and our US subsidiary.

photo of Paul Shearing
Jamie McNabb
Senior Developer

Jamie has 30 years’ experience working in the computer science and technical development field. In the early part of his career, Jamie was exposed to a myriad of different industries and environments, developing a wide array of technical solutions.

photo of Paul Shearing
Martyn Woodison
Head of Business Intelligence

Martyn has experience in various analytical roles working at a number of globally recognised organisations. Martyn has developed a number of key skills such as programming, data visualisation techniques using a wide variety of tools and a number of data science skills.

photo of Paul Shearing
Ian Dean
Sales Director

Ian is responsible for all aspects of commercial contracts with direct customers and the growing Reseller ecosystem. Ian has an extensive sales and marketing background in Enterprise Software and technology. Prior to joining he worked with some of the worlds’ multinationals and has operated in regulatory and compliance sectors. 

Feedback Ferret - from today back to 1998: