3 Common Mistakes Made When Improving Business Performance

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3 of the most common mistakes made when it comes to improving business performance

What’s preventing your business from growing? Is it the wrong product, the wrong people or the wrong systems? Or is it simply poor sales?

The chances are it is not any of these but rather the fact that you are not giving your customers a good customer experience. Simply put, your customers are not happy.

In today’s saturated market place, switching your loyalty from one brand to another has never been easier, as has the ability to voice discontent via social media. The customer really is king nowadays.

To stop customers switching to your competitor and to limit the amount of negative publicity your brand may gain through Facebook and Twitter, you need to create customer experiences that not only meet but also exceed your customers’ expectations.

Easier said than done? Try avoiding these common mistakes which are being made across the globe and you’ll reap the rewards of having happier customers:

1. Not listening to your customers

This truly is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Some of the world’s biggest names such as Virgin, Amazon and McDonalds haven’t achieved their immense successes by ignoring what their customers are saying. They ask, they listen and, most importantly, they act on what their customers say. They make continuous improvements to their products, services, communications or processes to keep their customers coming back for more.

Not only do these customers spend more on your brand, but they also advocate your brand to their friends and colleagues. People trust other people’s recommendations and by having your customers advocate your brand, you can reap the rewards driving revenue and growth because people hear positive stories about your products and services.

By listening to customers, you can identify unhappy customers. Armed with this information, you can contact them, listen and empathise, and potentially turn an unhappy customer into a happy one who will go on to advocate your brand rather than publically damn it.

2. Not learning from the feedback given

This one is almost worse than not listening to customers. If you ask for feedback but don’t acknowledge it or act on it, customers will feel unvalued. Why should they waste their time giving their feedback when all it does is fall on deaf ears?

Today’s world is more competitive than ever and information is very readily available. In order to stay competitive, you need to continually innovate, improve and adapt to the commercial world around you. And who better to tell you how to do it than your customers?

3. Not improving customer experience

The third and final thing that must not be ignored is the art of using feedback to make your customers happier. In today’s technology driven world, without innovation and improvement you will quite simply fall behind your competitors.

Customers’ expectations move and change. They discover some new technology or new product and they expect that from other brands. Customers want easy access to information, the ability to buy readily and easily, fast delivery, reliable products and easy returns systems.

If you are continually in touch with your customers, you will find out where you may be falling behind and will be able to rectify the issue quickly. If you delay making changes, you will lose your customers to your competitors and as everyone knows, it’s much harder to win a new customer than it is to retain a current one.

More of these happier customers = more positive word of mouth = more referrals and more positive brand awareness.

If you want to grow your business, start asking for feedback, acknowledging that feedback and acting on it.