February 2016 - Feedback Ferret
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Monthly Archives: February 2016

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Customer satisfaction survey? Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Most surveys make me want to scream and sadly this one was no different. The survey wasn’t about me or my experience – it was more of a staff audit. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Is your VoC programme still the goose with the golden egg?

Are you annoying your customers during the very process designed to help make things better for them?

Tableau: enabling analysis of the analysis

The introduction of Tableau has taken Feedback Ferret’s analysis capabilities to a new level. Our clients are now benefiting from the additional array of visualisations with which data can now be presented.

We Want Your Feedback (Well, Not Really)

This article really does make us wonder what some companies are doing, treating their customers like this with regards to feedback.

Jardine Motor Group trusting employees instincts

“Scores are great but we need to dig deeper. Feedback Ferret will let us do just that and make insightful decisions based on it.”