September 2013 - Feedback Ferret
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Monthly Archives: September 2013

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More big data thoughts for customer feedback analysis

I read with interest (yet another?) article on Big Data but one with a very simple message about social media and how its unstructured format reveals so much about customers’ thoughts and actions.

The importance of customer service in the customer experience

When did you last receive WOW customer service? By “WOW”, we mean a quality of service above and beyond our expectations. And it is often this that sets you apart from your competitors.

Origin extends and upgrades Feedback Ferret Voice of Customer programme

Feedback Ferret is delighted by Origin’s response to the technological enhancements we have made to the Feedback Ferret product.

Research and the value of values

For the world of research, generation of data detailing what customers are doing is no longer enough. What is needed is a deep understanding of why customers behave the way they do.