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Banks need to get on the Voice of Customer bandwagon

There is widespread thought that banks need to step up their Voice of Customer game. With the low interest rates, burdensome regulation and struggling economy,

Multi-language customer feedback analysis: the right way to do sentiment and topic detection

Are machine translators adequate for the job of translating Voice of Customer feedback comments into English? We agree that they are not 100% accurate but they are nonetheless VERY good. We are happy with the results and so are our clients.

Thousands of leaders are better than one to improve customer experience

In order to provide a “great customer experience”, every single person who comes into contact with the customer in any organisation needs to subscribe to and understand how they play a role in creating the “great customer experience”.

Is the medical world lagging behind in customer experience management?

In the medical world there is no shortage of data. Endless form filling in and endless questionnaires with monstrous tick box surveys. So what happens to all this data? Not much, in my experience.