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Business intelligence tools

Gathering feedback

“We’re not having conversations about scores and numbers with the retailers any more, rather talking about the real issues that they need to address to improve their customer experience.

Mark Crandon, BMW

Use the Ferret business intelligence tools to enable the right people to take action to improve customer experience & respond to feedback.

Feedback Ferret’s comprehensive and highly sophisticated suite of business intelligence tools enable you to take fast action to improve customer experience.

All our tools are easy to use and can be custom designed to suit your requirements.


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Ferret Alerts

Ferret Alerts is an incredibly powerful business intelligence tool for use by front-line staff when very negative has been given. The Ferret flags up ‘Hot Alerts’ in customer feedback and sends them to front-line staff via email or SMS, depending on your requirements, so they can trouble-shoot issues before they escalate or sales opportunities are lost.

Ferret Review

Ferret Review is an online tool which enables fast, manual, visual checking and approval of text analysis results for subsequent action. It can be operated by us at Feedback Ferret or by your own teams, from any location.

Ferret Respond

Ferret Respond is an online business intelligence tool for managing tasks derived from your feedback. The tool creates cases, task lists and workflows. You can monitor progress, ensuring your customers get the service they deserve.

Through Ferret Respond, you can manage real-time communication with customers to ‘close the loop’, set up multiple ‘Queues’ with custom workflow for your business requirements, record all actions taken and monitor performance levels and actions taken by Queue owners.

Ferret Export

To maximise value from your feedback, your data can be automatically exported to your corporate CRM or any other reporting system. This enables you to link business intelligence tools to online database for real time analysis and reporting.

Data can be exported in real-time or in batch outputs and can be customized to work with your existing processes and tools.

Other Business Intelligence Tools

Feedback Ferret’s adoption of a variety of business intelligence tools has taken their analysis capabilities to a new level. Our clients are now benefiting from the additional array of visualisations with which data can now be presented.

All these tools have been added to Feedback Ferret’s established reporting tools to enable more complex analysis and visualisations of client data.

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