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Client Support

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“Feedback Ferret’s ‘best practice’ advice and support have been invaluable and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in conjunction with them in the future.”

Jenny Lorimer, P&O Ferries

From the very start, our client services team seeks to understand your business, its aims and capabilities. We understand the importance of delivering real value to your customer experience programme and our ultimate aim is to ensure you generate a positive ROI on it.

We tailor your programme to suit your needs and strongly recommend that feedback projects are implemented using an evolutionary, phased approach.

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Proof of Concept

If required, Feedback Ferret will run a Proof of Concept using a sample of your existing data to demonstrate our capabilities. On average, we will analyse around 2,000 records with a limited set of data fields. The results are delivered using our interactive dashboard & reports.

Pilot programme

This usually lasts 3 months and enables you to get a quick feel for how the programme can best be deployed to gain maximum benefit for the organisation. During this time, we keep the up-front costs to a minimum and you have the opportunity to socialise the concept through the business. We have repeatedly found that the learning from pilot programmes will influence roll-out programmes in ways that clients could not have envisaged at the start.

Operational programme / roll out

As a general rule, we would expect the set-up time for the roll-out period to be 3-4 weeks but this is dependent on the level of changes that may be required from the pilot phase. It goes without saying that we carry out front-line training for all those involved to ensure a sound understanding of the information available through the reporting tools.  We provide all training materials and manuals and undertake ‘train the trainer’ with face-to-face sessions. Additional webinar / recorded webinar training sessions are available if necessary.

Client support

Continuous development and ongoing support

From the outset, our client services team ensures you are kept informed about best practices, will advise you on how to generate the best quality feedback and will proactively share valuable insights through custom reports. We regularly highlight areas of your business that you need to improve to really make a positive impact on customer experience.

We look forward to working with you.


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