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Text analytics for automotive


Automatically extract the insight from customer feedback comments

Text analytics for automotive

Do you need help making sense of your customer feedback comments?

With over 15 years working with global automotive brands, Feedback Ferret is a true expert in all things ‘customer feedback’ for dealers, OEMs and other players in the automotive industry. We’ve developed one of the most sophisticated text analysis engines in the world, and are immensely proud of the brands we call clients. Among them:

General Motors  –  Nissan  –  Infiniti  –  Jaguar  –  Land Rover  –  BMW  –  Audi  –  Kia  –  McLaren Automotive  –  MINI   –  Porsche

Watch our 1 minute video to understand how we help:

“Gone are the days when product quality alone is sufficient to win over and keep customers loyal. Feedback Ferret is a vital tool in helping deliver an excellent customer experience throughout the world.”

Mike Sopp, McLaren Automotive

It is unbelievable the insight that we are now able to show to the retailers thanks to Feedback Ferret. We’re not having conversations about scores and numbers any more, but talking about the real issues that they need to improve their customer experience”

Mark Crandon, BMW


Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper

Our Automotive Brochure explains how we help improve customer experience for all areas of your business: from pre-sales, sales and service to manufacturing, product quality, call centres and roadside recovery. We can also help you pinpoint emerging legal and safety matters, or extract valuable insight from the world of social media.

Read our 10 Automotive Case Studies to find out exactly how we have helped these organisations. Partnering with Feedback Ferret can drive up customer satisfaction scores, improve J.D. Power ratings. increase manufacturing quality, and promote higher survey response rates and quality of insights.

Automotive Brochure

automotive case studies